September announces the Back-to-School season for all children and teenagers. As a mother, you would like to make sure that they still get the best nutritious and healthy foods just like they did during the summer. I have selected eight of the healthiest lunchboxes ideas to satisfy the schedule of all the busy moms out there as well as the nutritional needs of their kids.

1- An easy and fast paleo lunchbox including eggs, bell peppers, salami, nuts and two fruits.



2- For older children, or kids with more developed taste buds, you can go for one roll of sushi. The sushi rolls could include cucumbers, avocado and crab to avoid any raw meats at school.




3- Another great and quickly prepared lunchbox idea is grilled chicken with sliced mozzarella and tomatoes. Some berries would make a great combination or they can be enjoyed as a dessert.




4-If you are a busy mother and you don’t really have time to cook in the morning, I suggest this easy and fast sweet and sour salad with balsamic vinegar sauce.




5- Another lunchbox idea for busy mothers could include a vegetable salad with a couple of slices of turkey on the side and a chopped apple as a snack.




6- An omelet with mushroom and tomato will constitute the perfect paleo meal. Add a side of apple or strawberries to complete the nutritional needs of your kid.





7- And finally if your kids love fruits and vegetables, try an avocado based salad, some sliced fruits, oat crackers and dried fruits.



One last tip: the secret is in the colors and displays! Go crazy and be creative!

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