We have been programmed to accept that we are just the consequence of the power of our genes. The world is filled with people who live in constant fear that their genes are going to turn against them and give them cancer or heart problems because it runs in their family. Of course, there are in fact diseases, like Huntington or cystic fibrosis that are the result of one faulty gene. But major health diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer are not the result of a single gene but complex interactions among multiple genes and environmental factors.

A revolutionary field in biology called epigenetics, which literally means “control above genetics” profoundly changed our understanding of how life is controlled. Researches in this field have proven that environmental influences, including nutrition, stress and emotions can modify those genes without changing their basic blueprint. These modifications can also be passed on to future generations the same way DNA is passed on to your children. Other studies have found that in fact only 5% of cancer and cardiovascular diseases can be attributed to heredity. Recently, eminent scientist and physician Dear Ornish revealed that just by changing diet and lifestyle for 90 days, prostate cancer patients switched the activity of over 500 genes. Many of their gene changes inhibited biological processes critical in the formation of their tumors.

Conclusion number 1: Genes do not control us. The environment, including nutrition and emotions can override our genes.

Now that we have established that environmental influences are as important or maybe more important than the effect of our genes, what can we actually do to be in better health? I am not negating the effect of a diet and an active lifestyle but this is not the important conclusion to take here.

As mentioned above, emotions also affect our genes and hence our health. With the recent discoveries in quantum physics, new understandings are emerging in the fields of biology. New studies show that the physical body can be affected by the immaterial mind, a concept that is still refused in the field of medicine, Thoughts, the energy of the mind, can directly influence how the brain controls the body’s physiology. So, let’s say you are very anxious and under a lot of stress, your body releases adrenaline that puts your body on high alert. If this lasts for a long period of time, your immune system is weakened putting you in risk of health problems.

Conclusion number 2: Negative emotions physically weaken your body

Most of you have probably heard of a concept called: The placebo effect. This happens when a patient gets better just by believing he is taking a medicine, when in fact he is also taking a sugar pill, or in other words a placebo. You also probably heard numerous stories of people healing themselves from cancer just by using positive affirmations and really changing their beliefs. One of them is the powerful story of Louise Hay, who within 6 months healed herself from ovarian cancer without even attempting medical treatment. She wrote many books such as “You can heal your life” to share her journey and what she learned along the way.

 Conclusion number 3: Positive emotions make your body stronger and more powerful against disease.

 I need to make it clear here that I do not believe that positive thinking thoughts always lead to physical cures; Even if you eliminate the energy-draining negative thoughts from your life, you need more than just that to harness control over your body and your life. You need to change the subconscious beliefs you have that are causing these negative emotions and not just merely use positive thinking. It will only get you so far. Your subconscious mind has been programmed since childhood with repetitive experiences that created a pattern.

To give you an example: If we go back to the story of Louise hay, who healed herself from Cancer: she had a traumatizing and abusive childhood which led her to the belief that she didn’t deserve anything good in her life. Her subconscious mind was now programmed this way and she truly believed that she wasn’t worthy of happiness; that is what, according to her, caused her Cancer. She decided she wanted to take matters into her own hands and subconsciously heal the patterns of resentment that caused her cancer. With the help of a therapist, she was able to release the traumatizing experiences of her childhood, accepting and forgiving the people she was holding a grudge to and she finally started to love herself. Within 6 months from her diagnosis, she was able to get the medical profession to agree that she no longer had any trace of cancer. By changing her belief, she was able to change her biology.

This is just to show you how your subconscious creates your present reality and how you can through the use of techniques such as meditation, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy tap into your subconscious and take control of your health.

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