Elyssa is a random girl. She’s expert at being plus size.

On her blog, she promotes positive body image, mental health and self acceptance. She is sharing her soul searching journey on Instagram as she tries to raise awareness in regards to plus size presence in the media and misconception about plus size lifestyle and eating habits.

She hopes to have a different type of influence than mainstream influencers.

During this interview, we have talked about how self-confidence, how to maintain it and how to deal with bullying. 

Elyssa also talked about people’s misconceptions about chubby women and the fact that if a woman is overweight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she overeats.

Elyssa also shared with me what are some of the struggles that chubby women face and how she deals with them.

At the end of the interview, Elyssa sent a message to the women of this world; know your worth, know your value and don’t expect to receive it from anyone other than yourself.

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