I want to share with you my newest discovery/obsession and that is: Pink Himalayan Salt. I don’t remember how I got to reading about it but I was surprised when I found it in local supermarkets instead of specialized health stores.


Himalayan salt has been stored and kept untouched in the Himalayan Mountains for millions of years, which makes it pure, organic and untouched by environmental toxins and pollutants. It is unprocessed and free from preservatives, glutens or any other additives. It contains 84 essential minerals and is a good source of magnesium, in which 80% of all individuals are deficient. It promotes a healthy Ph balance in the cells, which we know is important to avoid the development of toxins and bacteria. It is also very efficient in regulating the blood sugar levels and the body’s natural sleep cycle.

Pink Himalayan salt can have many uses around the house. First of all, because of the crystalline structure and the beautiful pink color, it can be used for decoration in small crystal containers or it can be sprinkled on food for presentation. Second, it is can be very good to use it in the tub when you take a bath. The nutrients in it will stimulate your body’s circulation and soothe sore muscles. Finally, you might as well find it online in Potpourri holders and essential oil diffusers for air purification.

himalayan salt

Personally I am using it in crystal containers around the house for decoration and air purification.

I recommend you try it in any of the options above and let me know how it works out.

2 thoughts on “Pink Himalayan Salt”

    1. Hello Paty, actually I was surprised to find it in Spinneys, right next to the regular salt. It is a bit expensive though, the 1 Kg of Himalayan salt costs 25,000 LL.

      What kind of recipes recommend them? For eating or cleansing/water retention?

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