Welcome to the mini-series, Nutritional Myths.

Hi. welcome to the “Nutritional Myths series. We will be debunking all of the concepts that many of us, including nutritionists and doctors, believe are true but that have been discredited or amended & improved by new studies. 

Some of these topics will shatter your whole belief system and others will seem more logical and rational. 

Trust me, I have been through this journey, and it has not been easy, it still isn’t. 

All I ask is for you to keep an open mind. 

But, before we launch this new series, I would like to mention that I don’t believe in right and wrong, and I don’t believe in ‘a diet fits all’ theory. 

I believe in general concepts of health and nutrition but also in that different bodies need and respond to different diets and foods. 

I am also an advocate of clean eating, meaning eating food that has not been altered or modified, as much as possible of course. Eating whole foods in their most natural state and staying away from processed foods.

I also believe that you can heal almost all conditions and diseases with food. But that’s the title of another video series I am working on!

For now, join me to know what our first Nutritional Myth is. 

I hope you enjoy the ride!

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