When it comes to nutrition and health, there are different schools and contradictory information.
There are certain nutrition facts that were true at some point, based on the evidence and research gathered, and became accepted truths among the population. As time went by, researchers started investigating the long term effects and went back to questioning the original theories. Some of these were found to be inaccurate and wrong. However, there are two problems here:

– It takes a lot of time and effort to implement new educational campaigns to change already accepted nutritional truths within the population.
– And, the food industry has been using these previously ‘true’ nutritional facts to market and push products that have been in the market for years. There is a lot of lobbying that comes from food manufactures to stop everyone from adapting to the new and updated nutritional evidence.


I am going to be tackling each of these ‘myths’ one by one in the hope to change these misconceptions and bring awareness to the foods available in the markets today and make and to the healthy choices.

Hope you have a myth free journey!

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