I am a regular customer of Gracy’s and I absolutely love their concept and specially the salad bar. In that spirit, I was offered to try one of their detox programs to share with them my feedback regarding the whole experience.

I chose the program that includes 4 juices along with a serving of lemon water and a serving of mint water.

Gracy's Detox Menu
Gracy’s Detox Menu

In the beginning I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to go all day without having any solid foods but I was surprised by how filling the juices were.

The bottles came labeled for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for the 4 detox juices. I started the day with lemon water to cleanse my body and followed it with breakfast.

The detox menu:

The detox juices for the day
The detox juices for the day

Breakfast: Orange, beetroot and mint detox juice

Lunch: Carrot detox juice

Snack: Apple, kiwi and celery detox juice

Dinner: Apple, kale and lime detox juice


  • All the juices were quite consistent and filling so I didn’t feel the need to munch on anything.
  • I felt very energetic all day and I was able to maintain my normal day schedule
  • Although it wasn’t the point of the detox, I lost 1.5 kgs of extra water weight I was carrying (just keep in mind that not everybody loses the same amount of weight, if any, after a detox day)
  • After the detox day, I had a flatter stomach which was the result of improved digestion after releasing the accumulated toxins in my digestive system

I am planning to have another detox day next week to keep the results but it is very important not to go back to eating highly processed foods after the detox plan.

Check out Gracy’s website where you can place your orders for any of their delicious meals:

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Detoxing 🙂

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