Full of energy and she laughs out loud but very serious when she needs to be.

Rana Khalil, Personal Trainer
Rana Khalil, Personal Trainer

You immediately recognize the people who have discovered their passion after they were done with their studies and acquired a couple of years of experience doing something they were not passionate about. You can instantly feel the passion and dedication.

When I first met Rana, I had one goal in mind.. Being able to do a series of pull ups on the bar… My main objective was to pick a habit of training and keep it.. This is where I had failed in any type of sports I had started before.

Suddenly I started finding myself sending her more and more exercises I wanted to be able to do and things I wanted to achieve as well as increasing the number of weekly sessions I was taking.

When spending more time talking while training, we discovered that we agreed on a lot of the general nutritional recommendation that comes with a training regimen. There are some eating habits that will help you perform better in your trainings. Rana believes that you need to fuel your body with good nutrients, eat clean and not follow calories-restricted diet, especially if you train for some heavy duty sports like running.

Another thing that is just as important is sleep. Your body needs to rest to regulate its system.

When it comes to her training, Rana works out 6 days a week alternating between Pilates, yoga, free weight workouts, body weights workouts etc.. And open to any new training.

She is currently studying to become certified as a Pilates instructor and will look into ways to combine everything all together.

So, clean eating, sleep, Pilates and regular training is all you need to be able to do bar pulls-ups.. Fingers crossed.

You can follow her on her newly launched page here.

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