I consider myself as moderately gluten-intolerant. What I believe to be the case of everyone if they listen to their bodies and start making associations between what they eat and the symptoms they feel after.

Because of the repeated genetic modifications that were done to the wheat grain over time, our bodies are not able to digest the most foods made from this grain which includes bread. This caused pain, indigestion, weight gain and chronic intestinal inflammation whenever I eat anything with bread. There are more reasons why we should all stop eating Wheat.

I had successfully eliminated bread from my diet to about 80%, so when I heard that there was a new place in town cooking everything you might wish for, wheat-free and sugar-free; naturally I had to try it.

Kitchen Confidential is a heaven for anyone who has a minor allergy to someone who is diabetic.

Even if you are just looking out for your health or your weight, you can order your organic salad or sugar-free desserts. Naturally, they don’t rely on calorie count in Kitchen Confidential; their focus is the ingredients they use in the cooking process.

Kitchen Confidential's Menu
Kitchen Confidential’s Menu
Kitchen Confidential's Menu
Kitchen Confidential’s Menu

You can try the food at the kitchen, call for delivery or ask for catering to a dinner party.

At Kitchen Confidential, they also serve a Plat du Jour, which you can find listed on their Facebook page.

This is not all! The menu and any paper products they use there are made from recycled material and is environmentally friendly even the soap used in the bathroom is organic.

I went there a couple of times after my first visit and I have tried multiple dishes.

Beef burger with manchego cheese.
Beef burger with manchego cheese
Signature pizza.
Signature pizza
The kale salad with added chicken
Kale salad with added chicken
Chicken Fajitas.
Chicken Fajitas
Foret beige
Foret beige
Eclair au chocolat.
Eclair au chocolat.

I even asked for some delicious goodies to take home.

Marbled and carrot cake muffins
Marbled and carrot cake muffins

That is all I will say, I will leave you to try Kitchen Confidential for yourself.


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