I have been ordering lunch from Gracy’s for a while now and I am completely in love with their customized salad bar for delivery. It is the first time I hear of this concept in Lebanon and I am lucky that their kitchen is somehow close to my office.

Read about my interview with Gracy, the woman behind this new concept.


You can also check their Facebook page for more details and to take a closer look at their healthy menu.

What motivated you to open Gracy’s? What is the idea or just your love for cooking?

Cooking was always a pleasure, I loved to experiment with spices and tastes, trying to take flavor to an extent out of the usual, yet remain conscious that good food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. I think the real motivation to open Gracy’s is the ability to provide and mix this sense of freshness, healthiness, and satisfaction in one meal.

Gracy’s is a culinary experiment that we do together, as “cooks” and as “consumers”… and my main love comes out of the expression of an aftertaste.

Inspiration du Jour
Inspiration du Jour

How did you start working on the project and who helped you out?

The shop was a surprise from my boyfriend. He renovated an old location we owned in Horshtabet. This was the stepping stone for me to create my own concept 🙂

Salad Bar
Salad Bar

What were the most important criteria that you focused on while creating your menu? (Taste, freshness, calorie count…)

In addition to fresh, healthy, and consistent, the most important criteria we provide is the variety of choice. Our main service is catering to the hungry stomach for lunch break, it is tailored so that you can satisfy your appetite without neither feeling guilty nor ruining your afternoon at work. Just enough to keep that clean energy flowing.

Detox Juice
Detox Juice

What is the most ordered item on your menu?

I think our best seller is the salad bar, because it allows people to formulate their salad as they please. But in general there is always a side sandwich that goes with it, so technically we can ask: “what would you like with your salad?”

Plat du Jour
Plat du Jour

Personally, I am in love with the idea of salad bar to go and delivery. Do you think that this is what differentiates you from other places and concepts?

In a sense yes, salad bar delivery has taken the bar to the streets J but even delivering salads will not be enough on its own, we need the attention and personal input from the client, again creativity by from our end and from the consumer.

Inspiration du Jour
Inspiration du Jour

Where do you currently deliver?

We consider ourselves a neighborhood shop; we like to deliver in a “forty minutes” area, which is many times limited by traffic. Our aim is to guaranty freshness and a minimum waiting time. Eventually, our objective is to have a shop in almost every area.

How does the future look for Gracy’s?

We are creating a trend of healthy lunch food chain delivery. I think the market has a need for this type of food, especially on deliver orders, kind of food because of our traditional culture and habits. We used to have fatty and greasy, I believe now people are heading towards healthy and Gracy’s J

Hopefully opening a new branch very soon 🙂

Inspiration du Jour
Inspiration du Jour

If you had to order one item from your menu, what would that be?

I would advise you to do follow a menu hopping formula, similar to the bar hopping concept. Try one item a day and then you tell which one you like more… So for now you can start with the “formule demi”… It is my personal favorite because you can have everything in one, a salad, sandwich, desert and a soft drink for a very affordable price.

Thank you!

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