Today I would like to share very personal thoughts.


It is not usually something I like doing, or I do well, but one of the things that I have been working on, on a personal level, is to try and become more myself in the presence of others. To stop pretending, hiding behind a forced smile and nodding when all I want to do is be somewhere else.


6 years ago, I have met a man (the fact that he is a man has no impact on the story!) when I was going through the darkest period of my life. I was feeling very low on life, and generally felt like that the world was a very dark place to live in. I had lost faith in humanity and just didn’t believe there was any good in this world anymore.


And then he came into my life.


He is good. He is honest. He believes in me. He loves me. He thinks I am the strongest person in the world. He also sees me as an honest, loving and sensitive person.


I believe he is pure at his core. I believe that he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. I believe he is genuine, transparent and loving.


I can guarantee that most people do not see him this way. And I can promise you that no one else sees me the way he does. But it didn’t matter.


I was finally able to be myself around him because I knew he won’t judge me.


After meeting this person, I thought this encounter was a gift. Because if there was no one else in there world like him, I was extremely lucky to have met him.


And if there was the tiniest chance that there are more people like him, then I want to walk the path of life in search for them.


That became the standard of human interaction I looked for in everyone I met. The pure goodness that makes you feel like you can be yourself.


And yes the standard were so high, but once you start looking, you find everything that you ever wanted.


You find it in a friendly smile from a stranger crossing the street.

You find it in the nurse who is helping you heal.

You find it here, there and everywhere.


I found it in friends, in clients and in people that crossed my path for a short period of time to teach me one or two things about myself.


To all these people and especially the ones that have been here temporarily, I am forever thankful. You made me realize that there is so much good in this world and I am extremely lucky to find it every single day.

And for the man who has set the standards up so high, I hope some day I will get to tell you how meeting you changed my life in more ways that you can imagine.

And for anyone who is reading this, I hope that resonates with you, because you didn’t get here by accident.



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