Did you know that one of the most common vitamins to be deficient in is Vitamin D? It’s one that people know least about, too – and many don’t realise that it works in tandem with calcium and we need them both to work together in harmony.

Worryingly, in these slightly more austere times – and when more and more people are struggling to get a balanced diet, either through lack of money or sheer lack of knowledge, cases of conditions like rickets are making a comeback.

So how do we get enough Vitamin D? There’s lots of simple ways.

Probably one of the most pleasant is to get out in the sunshine!

Exposure to sunlight for just five or ten minutes a day is enough to help you absorb this vitamin in abundance. While you obviously need to be sun safe and sun aware, it’s entirely OK for you to have some sun exposure without the use of an SPF for a brief period.

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But if we’re talking food – then things like oily fish, eggs and liver will help to keep you topped up. Of course, things like fortified breakfast cereals, milk and fresh fruit juices can all help too. However, for anyone who is suffering from a more serious deficiency, the best way of ensuring an adequate supply of the vitamin in their bloodstream is to take a good quality supplement (preferably one that has calcium in it too).


Signs and symptoms of such a problem can be a little vague – and could also point to other illnesses, you might feel weak and tired, or just generally unwell, with aching bones. The only real definitive way to find out is to have a blood test at the doctors, then you can begin to treat any problems the right way with the right medical advice.

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