Summer brings out the adventurous side in many of us. I am not usually one of them but this one had a special meaning to me. I had been actively promoting healthy places/foods/trends in Lebanon because I know that there are some misconceptions about what healthy is or isnt. Combining both summer adventure and promoting healthy eating, I found myself in the mountains above Batroun preparing to have lunch and enjoy the day at Bioland The Farm with Zomato.

We got there hungry and lucky we did, because we were welcomed with a very generous spread. We started with Gluten Free Manakich, a combination of Zaatar, Jebneh and Lahm Baajin!

Gluten Free Mankoushed at Bioland Batroun
Gluten Free Mankoushed at Bioland Batroun

To give you a small background on Bioland, it was established in 2002 and has over 400,000 m2 of organic farmlands with an organic certification from the IMC.

All the ingredients needed to prepare the dishes on the buffet are sourced at the farm and put together with Chef Joe Barza, a world renowned chef, and his team!

Cold Buffet at Bioland Batroun
Fassoliah - Bioland Batroun
Fassoliah – Bioland Batroun
Stuffed Cabbage - Bioland Batroun
Stuffed Cabbage – Bioland Batroun

From the tabbouleh and fatouch, to the hummus, chanklich, labneh and fasoulia, everything was so fresh, well-seasoned and full of flavors that it made it quite hard to move to the hot dishes!

I have to admit my favorite on that list was the samkeh 7arra. I didn’t quite hide it and I tried unsuccessfully to steal the recipe 🙂

Hot Buffet - Bioland Batroun
Hot Buffet – Bioland Batroun

After setting the standards so high, everyone was eager to see what was being served for dessert! Arishe, crepe, sfouf and my personal favorite in this case, the brownies topped with haleweh.

Crepe - Bioland Batroun
Crepe – Bioland Batroun

Eating organic food at Bioland comes with additional perks for the family. The kids can enjoy playing any type of games you can imagine, from basketball to football to spending joyful time on the swings and so on..

Kids Playground - Bioland Batroun
Kids Playground – Bioland Batroun

On top of all that, after having an absolutely delicious dessert, we did a tour of the farm, met some of its most interesting inhabitants and learned a bit more about organic farming.

Farm Visit - Bioland Batroun
Farm Visit – Bioland Batroun

At the end of the day, one of the ways I measure and assess the quality of the food and the freshness of the ingredients is in the way my body feels after a meal. Food is supposed to nourish your body and give you the energy you need to continue your day and this is exactly how we all left Bioland Batroun along with a smile on our faces for having spent a good and healthy day in nature!

Thank you Zomato for organizing the day and Bioland for sticking to your beliefs in a healthier way of life.

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