Sweet Revenge and love at first bite..

I directly felt the instant connection the moment I sat down with Maha. I knew we could keep talking for hours about our shared passion for self-discovery and how food played a very important role in our life and health.

That was how my meeting with the Big Mama of Sweet Revenge started.

The story behind Sweet Revenge is one of a personal struggle that pushed Maha into the kitchen. Luckily for us!

Maha found out she was severely intolerant to gluten, dairy and corn around nine years ago. After years of sticking to a vegetarian diet in her effort to eat clean, and despite avoiding those allergens, she kept getting sick. After a complete body shutdown four years ago and after finding out she suffered from gut dysbiosis, she decided to drop grains altogether and quit refined sugar. She embraced the paleo lifestyle, and followed a dietary protocol that suits her specific conditions, which has helped her tremendously on her path to self-healing, which she understood was going to be long.

Then reality hit her.

The Paleo diet is quite restrictive, although super helpful, so it was pretty impossible for her to eat out or order in because grains and dairy are a staple in our diet and most restaurants wouldn’t reveal every ingredient with which a meal was made.

This pushed Maha to start cooking and make her own food. With time, she realized that there are people going through the same struggle, people with intolerances or allergies who felt left out at social gatherings and who were fed up with not finding food catered to their specific needs. The worse thing was having to apologize for your food intolerance or the specific diet you follow because it complicated the lives of people around you or those of restaurant staff who served you.

Noting there was a growing community of people with severe intolerances as well as health conscious individuals, Maha, a journalist and editor by vocation, decided to take a leap of faith and embark on paleo catering, deciding from the start to be fully transparent about the ingredients she used. This, after all, was one of the reasons that led her to cooking.

Sweet Revenge was born…

Maha was hoping that making simple treats, nutrient dense energy bites and breads would help paleo eaters such as herself. Little by little, her refined sugar free desserts would start helping mothers with children with autoimmune diseases while her nut free treats was so welcomed by people on a low oxalate diet. “The feeling when someone tells you my son can finally have a treat catered to him without me worrying about it, or thank you for making a fully nut free granola because I can’t have almonds, I felt no discomfort after eating it, is priceless.”

Maha took her time creating the branding and the identity. She is Big Mama and her goodies are her children. Pretty much all have creative and funny names along with a personality and a character.

If you have seen any of these cute little boxes, you know that these are more than just products.

Sweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge tells the story of wholesome nutrient dense paleo treats designed for conscious eaters who like to feed their bodies and minds with real food and unprocessed guiltless pleasures.

Cheeky Sweethearts
Cheeky Sweethearts

Maha prepares a variety of products ranging from baked goods, raw superfood goodies, post-pre workout treats and meal complements. The goodies are packed with protein, good fats, fiber, anti-oxidants and are low in carbohydrates and have a low glycemic index.

No artificial products or additives. The treats are allergen friendly; do not contain any grains, gluten, dairy, soy or yeast. Unlike most other commercial gluten-free products, her creations are not made out of corn, potato, rice or any derivate. For anyone suffering from candida, they can rest assured that no sugar, no cashew, no peanuts, no pistachio or dried fruits has been used in the preparation of these treats.

All the ingredients used are both organic and natural.

At the end of our meeting, Maha and I could agree that there are no single perfect diet for everybody. There are just guidelines to eat healthy and unprocessed foods. The most important thing is to listen to your body and adjust your diet accordingly.

Big Mama is still a practicing journalist who finds the time to cook her own food as well as run an extremely successful brand. This is not all! Being so passionate about self-healing, dealing with food intolerances and reversing autoimmunity, she is currently pursuing a degree in nutritional therapy. “One of the greatest feelings is helping someone like you have an allergen free bite. Helping someone better deal with a specific problem is better understand it is the best feeling in the world,” she remarks.

How she finds the time to do all of the above is beyond me! But let’s wish she continues to do so, so we can keep our bellies both satisfied and happy.

You can follow Sweet Revenge on Instagram.

The treats are also available at A New Earth.

And you can always place your orders by email: munchies@sweetrevengebites.com

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