Adaptogens are the new kids on the block.

Well, actually, this is not quite accurate. They are very old kids but they are making a comeback in the wellness field.


So What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic healing protocols.

Adaptogens are plants that are believed to help the body maintain its balance. They work to support the immune system and aid the body in resisting all types of stressors such as physical, chemical and biological.

Adaptogens work with your body to help it adapt to stress. They do that by regulating important hormones in your body. Constant stress can have devastating effects on your body and its balance, especially on your digestive system and energy levels. Adaptogenic herbs help balance the hormones of your adrenal system to overcome adrenal fatigue.

It helps to think of adaptogens as a thermostat. They regulate your body’s stress response and keep it at the proper level, similar to a thermostat regulating the temperature and keeping it at a set degree.


How Do Adaptogens Work?

Basically, these plants that we call adaptogens have developed the capacity to adapt to change and have grown in very stressful conditions. And this is what gives them these healing properties! They in turn transfer these properties to us to help us deal with harsh conditions (stress) in a healthier manner.


What Do I Need to Know Before Buying Adaptogens?

The most important thing to check before buying adaptogens is that they have been grown in their indigenous location because this is what they need to develop their properties. You also want to double check that they have been sourced organically and grown sustainably.

Adaptogens are usually found in powder form but they can also be taken as supplements or in drops.


Have you tried any adaptogens? Let me know in the comments.

This blog is one of many on the topic of adagtogen. The following will go more in depth into the different kind of adatptogens and what they are used for. Leave me a comment with your questions.

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