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Jennifer Kanaan

Hi, I am Jennifer and welcome to my blog!

I have studied traditional nutrition and health and I was a firm believer of calories, meal-plans and diets!

But after a life-changing accident, one that put my body in unconceivable amount of pain, I had to acknowledge the REAL pain I was putting my body into.

After spending 3 months without having any food to let my body heal, I realised the effect of everything I was eating, feeling and thinking.

I am now a firm believer in a balance of mind, body and spirit. I promote clean unprocessed food and positive energy, among many things!

Hope you enjoy scrolling though the pages. Feel free to leave comments anywhere that resonates with you.



My Story:

The Un-Accidental Accident on One Wig Stand


Contributing Writer at Curejoy.com: https://www.curejoy.com/expert/jenniferkanaan7

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  1. Hello Jennifer & Nisrine

    You really have a very interesting website & Insta page And i invite you to visit my Instagram page Lesdelicesdeline. I Am not as active as you girls but thank God my business has been very successful in Lebanon since I moved back 2 years ago after living in Dubai and London for 14 years. I usually worked very closely with fitness addicts,, diabetics , people looking to loose weight & tailor made a wide variety of savory & sweets to accommodate the needs of each. The reason I am
    Writing to you is because I am interested in exploiting the possibility of doing something together because we believe in the same concept of healthy living & can help the society . This is my email address line_hajjar@yahoo.com and my mobile number is 03918787

    1. Hello Line,

      Thank you for your comment. We are always interested in meeting new people in this field and featuring them and their products on the blog.
      I have checked your Instagram account and I was wondering what ideas do you in mind in terms of collaboration. Can you please send us a private message through our Facebook page as it would be easier to communicate this way. https://www.facebook.com/NewTrendsInNutrition

      Thank you.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    In an effort to be creating & connecting in a way that is easy for all. We have made a closed facebook group for all of our members to join and start getting busy. We have found many have had issues with the Slack live chat as it is quite a new system, however, Facebook, it seems, is across the board.

    Here is the link to the group, please request access and I will approve you ASAP.
    Our group will be for:
    – networking
    – job postings and requests
    – news & events

    As we ramp up it’s important we are communicating effectively with you all. There is 400 of you now all over the world, so I am excited to connect everyone in one place

    All the best,


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