This is a guest post by Natalie Gensits, author of Digested – eating healthier made easier 3 ways

Is going gluten free all it’s hyped up to be?

Going gluten free seems to be the latest fashion in food. Even people who haven’t been diagnosed with celiac disease are doing it. Is the allergy real? And with diets so saturated with grains, is going gluten-free worth it?

I have struggled with airborne allergies for more than 20 years now. I’ve been through many treatments, traditional and non. Shots, medications, acupuncture, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques. The works. Only the past 4-5 years have I started morphing my diet into one that is remotely healthy.

I’ve gone gluten-free (GF) several times. Though I don’t notice any major improvements when totally GF, I do notice considerable issues when I binge on it, even in little bits over several days. It makes me irritable, tired, constipated and much more congested. Which comes first, I’m not sure!

I love food as much as anyone, grains included. And there’s nothing like a tasty beer. But I’m accepting (still in progress) the idea that for now, my body doesn’t love or even like gluten. It’s not worth the discomfort it causes. And please remind me of this before next holiday season!

So yes, the allergy to gluten is real for many of us. If it’s not a full-blown allergy, it might be a food sensitivity or intolerance.

Why the sudden onslaught of allergies to gluten, peanuts and other foods? It may be all the genetically modified ingredients used in our foods now.

Or it may be that our bodies are wearing down from a combination of the genetically modified ingredients, pollution, stress and electromagnetic fields we face daily.

The bottom line is that we need to listen to our bodies. If you’re not feeling great, rethink your diet.

This is where my allergy journey has led me. It has been painstaking because I’m stubborn and don’t want to be told what I can eat. It’s been overwhelming with information that’s confusing and vague. And it’s led me to write a book to make this journey much simpler for others.

Digested – eating healthier made easier 3 ways discusses the symptoms many different foods can cause and substitutes for those foods. It offers ways to make going gluten free easier. And it explains how gluten or gluten look-alikes can damage your body.

Digested-The book
Digested-The book

Even if you don’t need to avoid gluten, you’ll find lots of great ways to infuse your diet with healthier foods.

We can be allergic to foods. And even if not allergic, the foods we eat can make our seasonal or airborne allergy symptoms worse. These are more reasons why healthier, mindful eating makes perfect sense.

Read more about the book, Digested – eating healthier made easier 3 ways and related blog posts.

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