On a typical day, I avoid complex carbs such as pasta and bread as I find them heavy and very hard to digest. This is not to mention that I try to avoid as much as possible to have any wheat-related products for so many different reasons. Occasionally, I consume rice and potato to have an intake of carbohydrates along with some fruits when in season.

I decided to go on a #NoCarbsChallenge mainly to remove most complex carbs from my diet and see what would be the result of that.

I am a healthy person most of the time, I really care for the quality of the ingredients and food I digest and I pay very close attention to the signs my body gives me after I consume a certain food. You can say that I eat mindfully.

So what happened after I stopped eating carbohydrates for 15 days (Fruits, peas and beans were included in the diet):

1- My cravings stopped

I stopped having sweet cravings after lunch or at any time of the day. Carbohydrates increase your blood-sugar levels, only to crash back down again. This creates a rollercoaster of cravings of sugar to balance things out.

2- I felt less hungry

No carbohydrates meant more consumption of protein, vegetables and healthy fats, which kept me full for longer periods of times.

3- I was able to stick to my meal plans

Feeling full for hours helped me stick to my meal plans and not feel the need to have an extra serving for lunch or dinner.

4- I lost the water retention weight

My body has a tendency to store a lot of water which makes me feel bulky. When I stopped eating carbs, I lost a lot of that water weight and I was able to keep it off after. Do not mistake this for losing fat, but it does make your skin look smoother and you will feel much lighter.

5- I felt less bloated

Bloating is the result of a difficulty to digest certain foods. On the #NoCarbsChallenge and although I was eating more vegetables, beans, lentils and seeds, I felt the bloating subside gradually every day.

6- I had more energy and longer endurance

Finally, I was consuming more proteins and getting my energy from fat, without feeling the typical tiredness someone would get from consuming a meal high in carbohydrates associated with a need to nap after a meal. Nutrients should give us energy and not the other way around.

Has anyone been on a #NoCarbsChallenge? Share your thoughts in the comment section. You can also check some of the meals I was preparing on Instagram.

#NoCarbsChallenge Lunch
#NoCarbsChallenge Lunch
#NoCarbsChallenge Lunch
#NoCarbsChallenge Lunch
#NoCarbsChallenge Breakfast
#NoCarbsChallenge Breakfast


#NoCarbsChallenge Breakfast
#NoCarbsChallenge Breakfast

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