Before you open the jar and dip into it, read these very important facts about Nutella.


1- Half the calories in Nutella are from sugar, and the other half are from fat.

2- Nutella’s main ingredient is modified palm oil, highly refined and processed oil that causes health problems if consumed regularly.

3- Only about 4% of the calories are from protein.

4- In a 19 gram serving of Nutella, you have 11 grams of sugar.

5- Sugar creates an initial high and then a crash shortly after. It is not full of energy as the makers claim.

6- Ferrero was fined $3 million dollar for false nutrition claims and had to change the product’s labels.

7- Nutella has 0% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A and C, and just 10% of the recommended intake of Vitamin E.

8- Sugar in Nutella is from a genetically-modified beet sugar, also known as really cheap ingredient so that corporations can make a big profit, and full of pesticides and DNA-altered so your body doesn’t recognize it as sugar.

9- Nutella also contains Soy Lecithin, a genetically modified kind that is known to cause weight gain, constipation, stimulate existing cancer growth and decrease fertility.

10- Vanillin is artificial flavorings meant to trick your brain into thinking you tasted real vanilla. It crosses the blood-brain barrier as a neurotoxin and takes out a couple of brain cells. It is also extremely addictive causing a release of serotonin, which explains your craving for Nutella.

11- Nutella also contains skimmed milk. This milk is a result of cows being fed hormones, GMOs and antibiotics. Manufacturers will also add some powdered milk, which is full of oxidized cholesterol, the most dangerous forms of cholesterol out there. If you want to know the truth behind fat foods, check out my post about the myth of low-fat foods.

Still feel like reaching out to this jar of Nutella or serving it to your children as a healthy food?

3 thoughts on “11 facts you absolutely need to know about Nutella”

    1. Yeah I know! I am posting this week about a local healthy chocolate spread that can replace Nutella on the blog. I have recently tried it and it taste really good 🙂 I will share it with you!

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