1- Bites of Delight is one of the few brands in Lebanon that is certified by IRI (Industrial research institute) to be gluten free.

Vanilla Biscuits
Vanilla Biscuits

2- Melissa and Issam are a power couple, in business that is. With degrees in nutrition and a family history of working with dough, they have succeeded in creating a fantastic product, Bites of Delight.

3- The products are all wheat, lactose and casein free, which means they are safe to be consumed by people with wheat and milk allergies.

4- They do not contain any cholesterol, trans fats or preservatives.

5- They are safe for people with celiac disease and can be consumed by vegans.

6- All Bites of Delights products are low in sodium and healthy.

The products at Souk El Tayeb
The products at Souk El Tayeb

7- You can find the biscuits in vanilla, chocolate, anis flavors along with chocolate muffins and thyme and olive sticks.

8- They are available almost all over the country… This is the updated list of the point of sales.

Points of Sale of Bites of Delights
Points of Sale of Bites of Delights

9- They are healthy and affordable.

10- If with the 9 other reasons you are still not convinced, I bet the taste will definitely seal the deal. Drop by their regular stand at Souk El Tayeb.

Be careful, they can be highly addictive 🙂



You can follow Bites of Delight on:

Facebook: Bites of Delight.Gluten Free

Twitter: bitesofdelight.lb

Instagram: bitesofdelight.glutenfree 

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